• Hiya, I'm B. The Experience Enhancement Entrepreneur

    Basically a big fancy word I made up for harnessing the nuerospicy talents that I have and turn them into profitable businesses.

  • Entreprenuership has been a roller coaster for the last 9+ years. From my time as a "mommy blogger" with Hustle or Hyde to owning my first retail store Lavie Bebe. Now I'm combining all the things I know and wrapping them up in moments. Nuerospicy, Life Enhancing, Constantly Evolving moments. But these moments are what make life what it is. I've consistently gotten back up again and back into the moments regardless of the journey it's taken.

  • Moments with B. is more than a business, it's a movement.

    Photography is what got us online. It opens so many creative doors and energy flow but what gets lost in our phones is the ability to be present in the moment. So, with the help of a few #sobercurious and #nuerospicy vibes we're connecting in new ways.

It's about making life more fun!

  • Photography

    Capturing images to share online has always been a joy of mine. It's how I view the world, it's opening up my window to show the heart of the moment.

  • Made Mercantile

    Local to Woodstock, GA? Come see our Store in person and have a hands on experience! Our studio is the home of approximately 18 other makers so you are sure to find something you love!

  • My Moments

    I've been an "influencer" or "activator" for years and never really aligned with those titles. I like creating content and sharing my stories. So that's what I'm doing. Sharing how I live, balance, work, thrive, and sometimes need a little bit of help. It's ok to not be "perfect", you just need to be!